Mold & Radon

Toxic Mold & Indoor Air Quality Testing
The presence of mold, fungus, and mildew can create a health hazard in a home, and homes should be tested to determine the type of mold growing in a home.  Our inspectors can perform swab, air, and carpet samples to determine the type of mold and the amount of mold growing in the home.  The samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis and the results are generally available in five business days.  It is also important to understand why mold is growing in a home.

Our inspectors can tell you possible reasons why the home is experiencing a problem with mold growth and what repairs are needed to eliminate mold growth in the home.

Watch this 50 second video to learn more about mold growth in a home.


Radon Gas Testing

Other Home Inspection ServicesThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends radon testing on the sale of all new or old homes.  Radon is a deadly gas emitted from decaying Uranium and enters a house through small cracks and openings.  Radon levels are especially high among areas where granite is present.

Hargrove Inspections conducts a 48 hour radon test.  We leave a continuous monitor in the house, and return two days later to pick it up.  Results of the radon test are ready shortly thereafter.

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